Chase bill pay Bill Pay is one of the biggest banks in the US with more than 5,100 branches and 16,100 ATM’s nationwide. The company has specialized in making the interaction with customers as easy and as pleasant as possible. They also have one of the best systems in place which allows its clients for an increased flexibility and simplicity. One of the many features that they offer is the so called Chase Bill Pay. This basically allows people to pay their bills online. This means they won’t have to waste their time to go pay it with cash. They can do it in a matter of minutes from the comfort of their home, or pretty much anywhere with an internet connection.

Online Chase Bill Pay

In order to pay their bills online, customers just have to login in the Chase secure website and open up their accounts. The payments are made through the secure ePay system which guarantees 100% security. The whole process is very easy and it guides the user step by step. There’s really not much to talk about. All you have to do is select where the money goes (the bank account given in the bill), how much you want to send (usually the bill value) and any additional notes (like the bill number or client number …). You will be asked to confirm the data before being sent out. That’s it. You can literally pay your bills in 1 minute sitting on your couch and let bill pay to work.

Chase Bill Pay FAQ

But as it happens, the amount of flexibility granted by the Chase bill pay system started to make people ask questions. The company stepped forward and made sure that all of them were answered. The most common Chase bill pay FAQ were:

  • Can I pay my Chase credit card online? – Yes you can through their secure payment system.
  •   Is the website secure? Is my data safe? – Yes, the website and confidential data is 100% safe. To be sure simply look at the green symbol at the left corner of the website address.
  • Can I get an electronic version of my Chase credit card statement online? – Yes, simply log into your account and select “see statements”.
  • Can I see my transaction history online so I can see all the bills I paid? – Yes, your transaction history is available online. Simply select account activity and chose the period you want to look at.

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